Interactive Whiteboard Touchscreen, Stylus & Laser Infra Technology

To understand how interactive whiteboards to improve teaching have to install a technology to detect, track interaction on the surface of the screen to understand. They are durable, laser, infrared optics, camera optics and ultrasound base. These technologies of the most successful retail companies in the interactive displays using electromagnetic technology and strength.

Touch screen:

Resistive touch screens consist of two flexible sheets, each with a layer of resilient material and separated by a thin layer of microorganisms airspace. In operation, the two screens, the press and therefore the records of the exact location where they touched the screen.

Stylus or Other Pointing Device:

With this technology we can use a finger, stylus or other pointing device. For Electromagnetic Technology Council offers a wide range of cables embedded below the surface of the board. Interact with the stylus to the exact position with the X and Y.  The varied nature of the needle. You can use a stylus force using battery or connected to the board. There are also tips that are based on data from electrical signals generated by the board, therefore, no external power supply required.  In simple terms, the board magnetic and electromagnetic sensors as a response to send messages to the computer, if the board is entitled to be written with the help of a bar magnet.

Infrared Pptical Technology:

Besides the two main technologies, other technologies on the rise in the smart interactive whiteboard market and therefore should not be ignored. With optical infrared technology, you have to press the panel surface to infrared light must be visible. This allows the software to support the position of the pen or marker of triangulation. With this technology, the board made from any material.

Laser technology used in interactive smartboards as infrared laser in the upper corner of the blackboard. The laser works on the entire surface of the board with a rotating mirror. Write to the marker or pen on the table, the laser beams reflected at the source and therefore allow triangulation of X and Y. This technique works well with a hard surface such as steel or ceramics, which have the advantage, easy to clean.

Ultrasound and infrared, sends the ultrasonic pen & infrared pressing the surface of the plate. The board has two microphones receive ultrasound and calculate the differences in time of arrival. This will help the triangulation of X & Y. This technology enables the board be made of any material. However, an appropriate method for the active marker pen or dry sponge is needed.

Other features:

Outside of these technologies there are other technologies, such as internal frustration less reflection, ultrasound and Wii Remote works for IWB. Although interactive whiteboards are more technologically advanced, there are certain issues that are common in most species.

For example, lead markers on the boards of the problems. Another common problem is the risk of dents, holes and other surface damage that has no experience in the standard counseling.

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