Evolution in Interactive Learning Technologies – Increasing adoption

SmartboardIn classrooms, the use of interactive learning technologies is increasing and evolving continuously. To stay up and ahead in this competitive market, it is imperative to introduce students to the new and upcoming technologies in the market, preparing them for the future. To increase student comprehension and augment learning in the classrooms, instructors and instructional designers are using various learning technologies including Smart Interactive Whiteboards, Multimedia Projectors, Learning Management Systems (LMSs), Portable wireless Tablets, and Online Video Learning Portals, etc. Interactive Smartboards – one of the widely used interactive learning platform – open the world up for collaborative classroom lectures, presentations, meetings, and trainings.

How Interactive Smartboard technologies are influencing Classrooms?

The use of Smart Interactive Board increases knowledge, excites students to learn more, and engages them more effectively using versatile course content. The Interactive Smartboard commands attention with large presentation area, support for interactive media content, and instant access to stimulating Web resources. It allows instructors to invite interest of students from different backgrounds and of comprehension level ranging wide. According to Rozana Sani, the writer of various research papers on Interactive Smartboard technologies and leading standards, “Children who are shy tend to become engaged in learning when it comes to working with Smart Interactive Whiteboards”.

Made up of integrated components such as Smartboard software, an Interactive Whiteboard, a Projector, and a Computer, Smart Interactive Board brings innovation in classrooms, and leverages instructional designers to be more creative and compliant to student needs when designing lectures. It allows them to mix and match right amount of multimedia content with Web resources to stimulate students in the classrooms. Reaching students at different levels of learning, Smart Interactive Whiteboards can be controlled with a simple touch of a finger. The touch sensitive Smart Whiteboard lets users write, scroll, zoom, navigate or operate desktop applications, and browse the internet with instinctive finger touch or hand gestures – right from the Interactive Smartboard surface.

Learning to full Potential, eliminates distracting note taking

Impeding students from learning at their full potential, distracting note taking off-puts Student focus from the subject or the discussion and affects learning outcomes. The Interactive Smartboard saves board content, highlights, and annotations in print-friendly digital formats and engages students in listening and understanding, instead of taking notes. Instructors can later distribute lecture notes to the students for review on their own. The recorded lecture notes or archives can be edited using Smartboard software to fit the need or for future use.

Enhance Learning from History to Mathematics

Interactive Smartboards enhance learning in all subject areas from History to Mathematics. Keeping up with the technology, instructor can use Smart Interactive Whiteboards to feature virtual field trips out on the web to emphasize the significance of historic locations, run software simulations to elaborate certain processes or software design procedures, or can perform sophisticated calculations on Interactive Whiteboard to increase comprehension of a mathematical problem.

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