Several teachers criticize that student’s response during class is very poor. Many are seen sleepy during presentations. Investigations begin and the problem was detected. Some may be thinking that it was teacher mistake but in reality it was the tools used during such sessions that bored students out. Students were interviewed and the investigation completed that it was rather a technology gap between student and teacher. In this age of modern tech-savvy kids who are used to the world of animations and internet, using the standard whiteboard and pasting diagrams to present topic to students was the main reason for lack of interest. Though, it can be argued that students should be able to adjust to the environment of static presentations but as technology enters more and more student lives, a change in teaching aids must be brought in.

The hunt began when schools searching for a solution to this problem. Multimedia projectors were looked as the newest solution but that too wasn’t the best possible solution. In this esteem many companies realize the need to come up with an motivating teaching aid that will not only just bridge the technology gap between students but will also improve class performance. Hence, interactive whiteboards came into the picture. They are touch sensitive screens that are similar to the many new gadgets that feature this technology and would help students relate to it.

One of the most excellent interactive whiteboards that really stand out is Mimio electronic whiteboards. Spanning enormous screens that start from 47″ and go right up to 107″ make Mimio a perfect option for schools with large number of students. Mimio electronic whiteboards have screen that are made up of built in sensors that respond to any pressure on the surface of the screen. Wherever the force is applied the sensors turn on and send to an on board computer that maps the locations of the activated sensors, processes and then renders the final image the user is trying to write or draw. These interactive whiteboards come with packaged software that has been designed for the teacher as an excellent teaching aid and presentation organizer to make work more efficient and quick.

Teachers have not to waste time pasting diagrams and banners all of them can be done using the gallery of electronic whiteboard that can store presentations and even images to display in the class. What’s more whatever is “written” on the Mimio electronic whiteboard can be saved as jpeg, gif, png and bmp image file formats to be later shared with students of the class by saving it on a file sharing server, emailing, or printing them. Now students will never have to worry about noting down each and everything the teacher is saying, they will be able to focus more clearly on the class at hand.

Combination of gigantic screens and the new HD technology student’s motivation is fully exposed to the world. Interactive whiteboards also support associations to a computer via the standard USB. If the computer has an internet connection then teachers can use the full fledged diversity of information available on the World Wide Web making interactive whiteboards extremely valuable.

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