Institutions in US are challenged to deliver education to a diverse audience, from different background and geographies, meet expectations at all levels, participate effectively in knowledge sharing as well as professional growth, and reduce the cost of education. The increasing challenges and requirements in education tend to the adoption of automated learning technologies and tools such as interactive whiteboards, Copyboards, Projectors, Classroom clickers, and document cameras, etc. These cutting-edge educational technologies not just rejuvenate learning in classrooms but these technologies also impact wider aspect of learning through influencing both instructors and students to participate in intimate in group discussions, lectures, and conduct vibrant assessments.

Classroom Response Systems, similar to other interactive learning tools, are advancing fast in classrooms. These smart remote controls relieve educators from the hassle of designing and conducting assessments using paper sheets, assessing quizzes by hand, and populating information into the learning management software or applications manually. Using intuitive Classroom Response System, Instructor can integrate and post questions from a PowerPoint presentation to the student remote or can design questions and quizzes in real-time with the keypad provided on the instructor remote. The base unit, wireless Infrared or Radio Frequency, broadcasts instructor questions to the student remotes. Students respond to the quiz question with the help of Keypad, be it a Multiple choice, True/False, or descriptive questions. The base unit again gathers responses from the student remotes, identified by a unique serial number, allocates scores to individual identities, and makes results available in just minutes.

Posted in the form of Graphs or Tables containing individual assessments, Instructor can incorporate and present these results right away in the classroom – No Formatting required. Here are some unvoiced benefits organizations and classrooms get with the use of Smart Classroom Clickers:

  • Instructors can gauge the knowledge and comprehension level of the student in no time.
  • User Friendly Student Remote encourages and motivates audience to participate and register their input in the classrooms or lecture halls – passing student center of attention to the knowledge delivered.
  • Configuring and installing Classroom Response System is simple as compared to other learning technologies and smart room equipment. Therefore, adaption is fast.
  • Instant reports delivered through classroom management enables instructors to tweak and amend course content in real-time to address audience queries and learning requirement without obstruction.

Classroom clickers (also known as Audience Response System) persuade instructors to be more precise and accurate about the intellect level of the audience and deliver student-centric content instead of less effective knowledge-centric monolith content based on the information provided, student survey, and quizzes or assessment report.

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