Polyvision eno 2610 | 2810 | 2650 & 2850

Polyvision Eno Interactive whiteboard is a breakthrough in the whiteboard industry and is the top three in interactive whiteboard. This whiteboard uses modern technology for educational purposes and replaces traditional marker with magnetic technology using no ropes, cables or expensive equipment associated with other whiteboards in the market.

You can bookmark, use multimedia, ink, or go to the Internet on a virtually indestructible surface made of ceramic steel and use your multimedia projector to project your computer screen onto the board.

This allows you to navigate through documents, presentations or web pages directly from your memory card while conducting classes and / or notes with a normal pen dry-erase markers or interactive electronic markers. With a single click, send and save your notes, print them, upload them to a server or email them. You can even recharge the meeting tomorrow morning and us the notes of the previous meeting’s notes as reference.

It’s that simple. eno compatible with Microsoft Windows ® and Apple Macintosh operating system software, partnered with Eno projector, maximize flexibility and interactive features enabled by Bluetooth.


  • Multiple Board Support
  • Make notes, draw diagrams and illustrate your lessons by writing directly on the whiteboard with a regular dry-erase marker
  • No cords, no cables. No hard connections to power or data. Really.
  • Environment Friendly
  • No costly installation and no outlet required for board operation
  • No more clutter

Interactive Whiteboards Technologies

Next-Generation Green

Certified as the only environmentally friendly writing surface in the world, ENO is in a league of its own. Made from recyclable materials, eno is at the top for the reduction of hazardous substances that improve the quality of indoor air and providing safe and tidy classrooms. Eno is testament to the fact that Polyvision is deeply concerned about protecting teachers, students and the environment from pollutants.

Incredible components

The E3, ceramic steel surface works great with markers, magnets and interactive projection. It is practically indestructible, and Eno does not require cables, no wires, no power connection difficulties and data providing a safer and less messy classrooms.

Eno guarantees that the interactive whiteboards will last a lifetime. All technical components are combined into a revolutionary Bluetooth ®-enabled pen making the ENO board is virtually maintenance free. The wireless pen literally transforms the white board into an interactive surface.

Friendly Software

Eno works with any kind of software, unlike many competitors and does restrict you to limited lesson plans. Use with Geometer Sketchpad, Inspiration, Microsoft PowerPoint the possibilities are endless.

Eno is supplied with RM Easiteach ®, a popular and proven family of content-rich educational software, including subject related toolbars for teachers enabling them to modify existing plans, into more interactive ones that can be ported to the interactive whiteboard.

One whiteboard… infinite possibilities

Classic Eno is the first and only organic certified Smartboard Interactive Whiteboard that combines the simplicity and interactivity of traditional marker boards but without expensive installation.

With the interactive whiteboard the possibilities are endless. Project your computer screen and navigate through documents, presentations or web pages on the board. Take notes as you like with a regular dry-erase marker or pencil. Eno’s unique design helps teachers move from traditional to interactivity in just a few hours.