Advantages & Uses of Copyboards

The great challenge of our time is taking notes during meetings with pens all the relevant facts and simple figures while using all the information you need to be able to take an active part in the meeting. Being a participant may attend the meeting and end the meeting minutes of animation, or he / she can do a lot of notes that do not participate in the discussion.

In modern times the task of taking notes has been revolutionized by technology introducing digital whiteboards. This was done with the invention of an electronic copyboards that works to print all notes taken during the meeting or even transferred to a computer so they can be saved, modified to meet the specific needs and shared on the network to be available to use for everyone.

Thanks to electronic copyboards meetings these days are much shorter and more focused. This is because the participants are fully focused on the discussion, knowing that the notes are automatically documented.

Interactive Whiteboards and its usage

Interactive whiteboards are large touch-screen devices, when connected to a computer, allowing users to interact with any application by simply touching the screen.

Interactive electronic whiteboards have become popular in conference halls, meeting rooms, studios, and even in used by sports teams. The interactive nature of the board allows them to be used in everything from a lesson and highlight an important point in a presentation, edit a movie as a group and demonstrate how a game or a whole needs to be done or executed.

The functioning of a copy board is quite simple. All operators must do is to use markers to write on the boards that can be erased and are made of porcelain-coated steel magnet. The images of the surface of the board of copies are then digitized and sent to be printed or stored on computers.

If there are changes to make, all you have to do is use the eraser and make the desired changes. Copy board features ideal tool for conferences, meetings and seminars, etc., especially when one color copyboard is used with a projector and a computer.

The main advantage of using electronic copyboards makes it extremely easy for participants to focus on the discussion at hand without having to worry about taking notes. USB can also be used to record notes. The advantages of using a sheet of copy are numerous, some of which are:

  • Notes can be easily copied and distributed via email to those who were not present at the meeting, conferences, etc.
  • The recorded notes can be improved and modified to correspond to your needs.
  • No need to worry about storage space and office space.

Some of the best known companies and many other made copyboards these days. These are high quality names like Panasonic, Microfield Graphics, nView Corp. and Ovonics Quartet.

Copyboards offered by these companies are available in various sizes ranging from pocket models for desktop units and wall mounts for conference rooms. The price range of these product depending on size and model.

Due to its ease of use electronic copyboards is now one of the most desirable for those who regularly attend meetings, conferences, seminars, etc.