Type of Electronic Whiteboard do you Need

In 21st century Electronic whiteboards are setting new standard and mark in classrooms and meeting rooms. They take presenting, teaching and learning to new levels of interactivity.

What is an Electronic Whiteboard?

An electronic whiteboard allows present to present material on a computer. Pictures, slides, text and videos can also be viewed on an electronic whiteboard. Whiteboard technology then allows teachers or presenter to interact with this image. For example, the notes can be written on the board to add information to the displayed image. Whiteboard technology can take this information and keep it. Whiteboards offer many useful applications in business and classrooms.

Color Electronic Whiteboard

Electronic Color whiteboards can add excitement to presentations with the introduction of color. These smart whiteboards can also be called copy boards. With this technology, images are captured on the whiteboard are color. These images can be stored and printed or distributed electronically. These whiteboard are good choice for a color scoreboard. You can connect directly to a PC and the images can be stored or printed and distributed. Images stored on the computer from the board can be modified.

Portable Electronic Whiteboards

A portable electronic whiteboard is an alternative to a standard whiteboard. Using a system like the eBeam, you can turn any whiteboard into an electronic whiteboard. Simply attach the eBeam receiver to the board and connect the receiver with a USB cable to your computer. This system is simple and easy to install on any whiteboard and is easy to carry. The district board Ideashare capture Q8000 notebook includes a receiver, mounting systems, electronic pens, dry erase markers, software and USB cable. These come with a bag for easy transport. Portable electronic whiteboard is an inexpensive alternative to standard electronic whiteboard systems.

Electronic whiteboard set standard of presentations presenting in both business and level. In new schools electronic whiteboards is in every classroom. The teachers are developing new teaching strategies with interactive whiteboards and find the excellent results of student learning.

Whiteboards have a positive effect on motivation and attention of students to them. Although messages may have been the wave of the future in the classroom and the business is a technology that is here to stay.