Interactive Whiteboard Technologies

Interactive Whiteboard Touchscreen, Stylus & Laser Infra Technology

To understand how interactive whiteboards to improve teaching have to install a technology to detect, track interaction on the surface of the screen to understand. They are durable, laser, infrared optics, camera optics and ultrasound base. These technologies of the most successful retail companies in the interactive displays using electromagnetic technology and strength.

Touch screen:

Resistive touch screens consist of two flexible sheets, each with a layer of resilient material and separated by a thin layer of microorganisms airspace. In operation, the two screens, the press and therefore the records of the exact location where they touched the screen.

Stylus or Other Pointing Device:

With this technology we can use a finger, stylus or other pointing device. For Electromagnetic Technology Council offers a wide range of cables embedded below the surface of the board. Interact with the stylus to the exact position with the X and Y.  The varied nature of the needle. You can use a stylus force using battery or connected to the board. There are also tips that are based on data from electrical signals generated by the board, therefore, no external power supply required.  In simple terms, the board magnetic and electromagnetic sensors as a response to send messages to the computer, if the board is entitled to be written with the help of a bar magnet. Read more…


Mimio Interactive Whiteboard and Captureboard

Mimio interactive whiteboard and capture is a portable device that can connect “the entire slate” could reach the size s size 4’x’8. Is it connected to your computer and turn the computer interactive whiteboard years. With the help of a projection system, the conference or meeting can become interactive conference year.

The Stylus is equipped with the device and can be used as a wireless mouse for control. This also can make work. The best part of the mimio whiteboard capture driver, you can print, such as desktop applications and documents directly from the board. The built-in memory is loaded to the class room 10 hours “during recording or reproduction” of a meeting or conference.

The interactive whiteboards display technology includes laser and infrared.  They are touch sensitive and include methods for electromagnetic board makes its way. If this process marks the turn towards computer data. Slate can be used later, “saved also use the work. Read more…

Revolution in Technology Electronic Interactive Whiteboard

The interactive whiteboard also known as the Smart Board is a very useful tool for communication. This useful tool is not only for students but also for large enterprises, organizations and agencies. Each presentation and discussion cannot do without interactive whiteboards. This technology is very easy to use. Now I have little time to prepare a certain number of copies printed, with the images used are not suitable because they are lost or scattered to spend the whole office or classroom. The preparation of teaching, meeting or presentation will give you great joy.

You can use electronic whiteboard, in coordination with the various programs,. If you have never seen before – there is a large touch screen with the computer or television, which can be performed by people of the great army of students or other category. As you can see is nice and easy from anywhere.

Using this smart board also reduces the burden of training, especially for teachers and trainers. It is not necessary to attract students to acquire, as the table seems to be very interesting and enjoy the kind of technology for students of all ages. Students want to have those discussions, presentations and other work with this card. Meanwhile, this interesting work, students have all the information he had read the book or heard by the teacher. There is no reason not to use this type of learning method, can be very useful for students and teachers seem to be? Read more…