Interactive Smartboard – Enhance Learning with Multimedia Support

Interactive Smartboards are the interactive whiteboards or the electronic whiteboards built with superfluous interactive learning features and advanced teaching capabilities. To address specific student skills, Interactive Smartboards enhance learning in classrooms with content rich presentations and dynamic lesson plans. Interactive Whiteboards for schools, universities, and training institution are built with features such as real-time annotations, highlight, and graphical modeling capabilities to grab student attention, leverage teaching with ultimate media support, and enhance student comprehension. Smart Interactive Board features a flexible and adaptable design with breakthrough learning and collaboration technologies.

Taking Collaboration to a new Level

Taking Learning to a new level, Interactive Smart Boards connect students with instructors through collaborative features. It promotes just-in-time learning, motivates learners with engaging learning tactics, energizes presentations with multimedia content such as videos, sounds, images, PowerPoint Presentations, Web links, and Flash animations, etc. Smart Interactive Boards are considered Cheap Whiteboards and encourage productive use of diverse learning resources.

Rich Smartboard Features

The Interactive Smartboard leverage users to be more connected and content to be more comprehensive. It serves classroom needs with various ready-to-use features, such as:

Touch Sensitive Surface – Smart Interactive Whiteboard offers touch sensitive writing surface. You can write on it with digital marker or interactive Stylus, erase interactive whiteboard content with digital eraser, or use fingers and simple hand gestures to move, zoom, or reposition images, content, and videos swiftly.

Smart Pen Tray – The built-in automated Smart Pen Tray detects the selected tool, whether you pick Eraser or the Pen. Interactive Smart Boards also incorporate on-screen keyboard, the right click operation, and the help functions for ease of use.

Digital Ink – You can use digital ink to write over projected software applications, Web sites, Videos, Slides, and Images to annotate or highlight details.

Digital Recordings – The Interactive Board allows you to capture and save lecture notes and presentations in digital media format. The recorded archives can be edited later to meet specific needs and on-demand dissemination.

Sturdy Whiteboard Surface – The tear and dent proof hard coated Polyester surface is optimized for vibrant projections, compatible with dry-erase marker board, and can be cleaned easily without registering any affect of rigorous use.

Wall Mount Brackets – The interactive smartboard can be installed and set-up in minutes with intuitive wall mounts brackets.

Powered by a USB Connection – The Smart Interactive Whiteboard can be connected to a PC or Computer via simple USB connection to directly project content from the desktop.

Warranty – The Smart Interactive Whiteboards often come with a warranty, ranging from 2 years to unlimited Forever Warranty.

Built-in Speakers – Built in audio speakers in Interactive Smartboards allow presenters to play audio files such as voices, music files, and other multimedia content instantly from the whiteboard.